About us

After using regular polish, gel polish & going to the salon for years - we noticed 3 things. - we observed 3 things.

1. Our nails were becoming weak, brittle and thin.
2. We would often feel woozy after breathing in the strong chemicals involved.
3. It was just too much hassle.

We decided to research a little and found out that there are actually a whole bunch of nasty chemicals found in most nail polishes that could not only be harmful to your nails and surrounding skin, but even cause breathing problems.

After years of development and research, we created our Polishey Pens.
  • They are free from 9 of the harsh chemicals found in many regular polishes.
  • Have a pen applicator design to make them as easy as possible to use.
  • Dry much quicker than regular polish.

Polishey™ Pens are crafted with a passion to enhance nail beauty effortlessly while prioritizing health and convenience for women everywhere. Our mission is to empower ladies with a time-saving solution for achieving stunning, salon-quality nails with ease.

Join us on this journey to embrace beauty and wellness in every stroke!

Polishey. Nails - the new way.